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September 2019

Topping off the 21st floor. The entire building will be structurally complete.

October 2019

Begin installing exterior panels. These panels will serve as the primary exterior “skin”, if you will.

November 2019

Installation of unit windows and other exterior glass will begin. The crew will begin installing drywall in the lower levels and work their way up as each floor is completed. Interior cabinets, tubs, sinks, electrical, plumbing, mechanical installed by floor after drywall.

December 2019

Start Elevator installation. Remove the Tower Crane.

January 2020

Dried in. All weather-proofing has been completed for the entire building and the crew can begin installing finishes. The only exception will be the “hoist area” which is an open area through which materials are delivered.

February 2020

Continue construction of interiors by floor. Elevators wrapping up.

March 2020

Completion of drywall installation. All walls and corridors will be ready for trim & painting, which would have already begun on the lower levels.

April 2020

Wrap up installation of finishes and unit appliances. The crew will finish painting, installing cabinets, countertops, plumbing & light fixtures, flooring and appliances (i.e. fridge, washer/dryer, dishwasher, etc.)

May 2020

Systems checkout, final life safety inspections, TCO inspections.

June 2020

Furniture installation begins. The crew will begin installing residential and commercial furniture in the units and amenity areas. Install TV, Internet, WiFi network, security cameras

July 2020

The crew will be wrapping up and making final repairs & touch-ups. Community manager and leasing team will move into their offices and begin learning all the operational equipment.

August 2020

Move-in month. Quality checks will be completed and residents will begin moving into their brand new apartments on August 20th.

Construction Timeline

Discover contemporary, high-rise living in the center of urban New Brunswick. Located on New Street, The Standard at New Brunswick offers a higher quality of student living — all conveniently located near Rutgers University. With designer features in each unit and luxurious amenities, our apartments have been crafted specifically for residents who enjoy the more lavish things in life.

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